2nd IPMA Global Best Practice Week

Date: 26.04.2021 - 29.04.2021

Organisation: IPMA


Product overview


  • 8 CORPORATE tickets for an extremely attractive price! (4+4)
  • Access to all keynote and case presentations
  • Live access to all event’s streams (Masterclasses INCLUDED!)
  • Post-event recordings – valid for 3-months
  • PDFs, PPTs and other materials available to download
  • Digital Proof of Participation – after the event


The yearly IPMA virtual event focus on prevailing topics of and around project management. IPMA
brings together best practices from all around the world to build sustainable business practices.
Project Managers play a significant role in building a better world because developments are usually realised through projects.
After a very successful start in 2020, where the IPMA Global Best Practice Week focused on competences desperately needed for the post-pandemic challenges, this year it focuses on resilience.

We brought together the world’s top keynote speakers, practitioners and case presentations in three different formats.

KEYNOTES will be provided by universally recognised leaders around the topic, Keynotes will be provided by global leading experts on the various topics, lasting approximately 30 minutes each.
Good practical project experiences will be presented and discussed in the form of case studies. Each CASE STUDY presentation will last approximately 90 minutes.
In the interactive MASTERCLASSES, a limited number of participants can join project management experts and work on specific topics or their own case studies.


  • To meet world-class keynotes and experts presenting the most influential cases and best practices of Project Management field
  • To participate in a global online event, with the possibility to interact, network and establish new relationships
  • To enjoy compelling presentations, including Q&A sessions and discussions
  • To get to know global case studies and best practices presentations – based on real projects
  • To learn more about the mix of local and global approaches
  • To enjoy recorded sessions – available to reuse even after the event
  • To join the top-level event dedicated to Project Management

Our online event takes place on April 26-29, 2021

Read more about the event: bpw.ipma.world

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