8th IPMA Research Conference

Date: 10.09.2020

Localisation: Berlin, Germany


Product overview

8th IPMA Research Conference
“Projects as arena for self-organizing”
Website: http://www.ipma-research-conference.world/
Date: 10th – 11th September 2020
Venue: Frizz Forum, Friedrichstraße 23, 10969 Berlin, Germany

The 8th IPMA Research Conference in Berlin aims at bringing researchers, experts, scholars and practitioners together to exchange insights, perspectives and foresight on the theme “Projects as arena for self-organizing”, discuss antecedents, research potentials and ways of collaboration. The IPMA Research Conference is also a place for networking and building bridges across countries, disciplines and cultures. The theme of the 8th IPMA Research Conference, “Projects as arena for self-organizing” addresses the increasing interest in the subject of self-organizing in and through projects. Agile approaches build on or value the willingness and the capabilities of individuals and teams to self-organize in projects.


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