XXII Conference IPMA Poland – Warsaw

Date: 07.11.2019

Localisation: Warsaw, Poland

Organisation: IPMA Poland

Product overview

The motto for this year’s conference is: “Portfolios, programs, projects – a conscious approach to strategy”. The conference will be held on 7-8 November 2019 in Warsaw at the Arche Krakowska Hotel. During the two days of the conference you will find interesting presentations, workshops of industry experts and 3 thematic streams: Automotive, IT, e-commerce, Energy. Special guest will be Jurgen Appelo – professional motivational speaker, manager, entrepreneur, founder of Agile Lean Europe network, author of the book Management 3.0. We invite all participants who are interested:

  • achievements, experiences, challenges in portfolio management, in close correlation with the organization’s strategy,
  • experience, good practices in the management of mega-projects and programmes in relation to the organisation’s strategy,
  • challenges related to building and developing the competences of project teams,
  • success factors of project-managed organizations,
  • failures and lessons learned from difficult projects,
  • modern technologies and the latest trends in project, programme and portfolio management.

Details can be found on the conference website www.konferencja.ipma.pl

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